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In- Progress Images

I've been working two self-portrait paintings recently trying to develop a less "fussy" appraoch than I typically use in my work. I'm trying to find a balance between the realization of "finished" image and the retention of more "expressive/painterly" marks. I'm seeking to have the image emerge from the paint, but not entirely. I used to do an assigbnemtn wiht my students in figure drawing classes I called "Excavating the Figure". The idea being that the marks take prioity and that the figure is somehow dug up or unearthed form the marks. This is what I'm looking to acheive in part. I want the image to emrege from the paint as if it were w new born taking a first breath and suddenly it is alive to all. I'm looking to the work of Alex Kanevsky and Ann Gale to help instruct me. Anyway, here are some in-progress images of where I'm at right now. Still working both paintings, but enjoying the challenge.

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