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I have taught many levels of drawing classes, from foundations to graduate workshops. The student work in this gallery shows how drawing can be both a tool for investigation and an expressive medium in itself.


This student gallery holds examples of work from introduction to graduate level classes. I encourage my students to explore a wide range of approaches from representational to abstract and prompt them to expand the scope of their methods, techniques and applications.


Knowledge founded on the fundamental principles of art, reinforced with a comprehension of broader visual culture allows my students to discover and develop the skills, critical thinking and confidence that help them produce visually and conceptually compelling works of art.

2D and 3D Design

Object relationships including positive/negative space, compositional unity and variety along with balance and dynamism are emphasized in these examples of beginning level design work.

Graduate Studies

At the graduate level, I encourage students to recognize their individuality, discover their voice and create visual forms with an understanding of both historical and contemporary artists as well as acknowledging the responsibility of the artist both to him/herself
and to others.

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